Choose the authorization you need according to how it will be used

      When you purchase music, you also acquire a license to use it. So that all different types of clients and projects may secure music in the most convenient, fair, and legal way, AddMusic defined a variety of different usage purposes and scopes of use, such that you may choose the most appropriate type of authorization for your needs. AddMusic is a platform where artists mutually support each other.

      We hope to provide music composers with encouragement and satisfactory rewards, while at the same time support student films, independent films, software developers, new creative teams, and others. Therefore, Add Music has set special prices for different types of authorizations. Please select the right type of authorization according to your company size, project funding, and future range of use, so that creators from all fields may prosper together.

        Basic License

        Personal Video

        May you be a wedding video taker or a personal film maker, Add Music provides the most economic authorization program. With a little expense, you can support copyrights authorization and have legal use of the music for your video played publicly or online.

        Student Project

        Student Production or School Project always lack off budget. Fill in school name to have legal use of result presentation, small broadcast or internet.

        General License

        Internet Advertising

        Your advertisement or business promotion video will be played only on the Internet by interactive (click by the user) mode, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Baidu, etc., with multimedia flash advertisement excluded.

        Internet Film

        For the legally authorized use of music in online broadcasting or small premiere of the works with limited budget and not for profit, such as graduation projects, public service advertising films, movies by independent film makers.

        Single Use for One Game

        Simply put a music piece in an App or game software. Purchasing the general authorization on Add Music, and you can have the music in an end product!

        Professional License

        NT$ 9,600 /song
        Omni Media Advertising

        You can use the legally authorized music in TV commercials, shop advertisements, Internet advertising, etc. Just a single authorization purchase solves all the troubles!

        Commercial Films

        Programs with funding, full team, and marketing, such as TV dramas, Internet dramas, commercial micro movies, grand projects for screen play in the theater, or films played publicly with more than 70 viewers.

        Full-Package Game Projects

        The authorized music is not only used in App or game software, but also used in the promotion films for marketing purpose, such as using a short footage of video game as a promotion for the Internet. One authorization covers the whole project.

        +NT$2,490 For Stems

        "It still lacks a little bit of something …"
        "If only I could revise or delete some tracks here…"

        For the songs with the Stem labels, you can purchase stems by extra NT$ 2,490. It allows you to make adjustments on the music as you like.

        +NT$3,000 For Custom Service

        "There are so many songs.... I don’t know how to make a choice!"

        It is an art to select appropriate music. We have experts here to help you! Send your script to us, and our team will help you select the most appropriate songs rapidly. Tailor-made project service makes your project a smooth sailing, and saves time!

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      Correctly Choose the Range of Use

      When you purchase music, you need to choose the right kind of Authorization Certificate for your actual need. This is to ensure its continued legality when used within your project.

      Each Authorization Is For One Video Only

      When you purchase authorization on Add Music, you can use the music with one project, such as an advertisement or a movie. Although this authorization is not restricted by time and space, it only allows you to use the music in one specified project.

      Authorization Does Not Encompass Sharing or Selling

      After you have downloaded the music file, you may only use it in the predetermined project and may not use it in other projects or types of work. Neither can you resell, re-produce or share the music with others.

      Limited Editing

      If you purchase sub-track files, you may make adjustments to the original music, but not to the extent that it can be regarded as a new piece. Also, the edited version of the music is subject to the same applicability and range-of-use restrictions that’s specified in the original terms of authorization.