Getting Start

AddMusic in your Promotional Video!

The high quality music featured in AddMusic are provided by our vast source of music artists who themselves own the copyrights. AddMusic is your great partner!

AddMusic is a platform that provides paid authorization for licensed music. Here you can find the songs that suit your workpiece and, through our automatic authorization service, rapidly, safely and legally obtain the music for commercial use.

We considered potential music utilization issues you may face when producing various types of projects and workpieces, and now offer three types of services.

      Rapid Song Selection

      "I want to quickly find the songs I need!"

      With different tags indicating mood, instrument, genre, voices etc. that narrow your search, you can greatly reduce your search time. Then use our online payment and authorization procedure to quickly get your authorized music. You can also use other features, such as our song library, demo download, etc. as references for your proposal or trials!

      Choose for Me

      Purchase Stems

      "If only I could make a little change here…"

      So you finally found a song you loved but find it’s still not quite there? Do small requests from your clients, like ridding the ding dong and quieting the drums, end up being huge problems? AddMusic prepared Stem purchasing function just for you. With it you can obtain the right to access the source file and recreate it at will, so you can make small and large edits at ease and have your soundtrack really meld with your creative piece!

      Custom Service

      "I want a custom made theme song!"

      Can't find the music you want? Have special requirement for your lyric or tune? Not only does AddMusic have a strong music editing and post-production team, it’s also familiar with the cooperative process for making advertisement and commercial background music. From project proposal, music composition, recording to post-production, our team of professionals and management personnel will help make your project complete.

      Customize Music