Choose the License Fit to Your Project

      When you pay for the music, it means you obtain the license as well.
      In order to fit the different using of projects, AddMusic regulates many kinds of price and authorization. You can choose a most suitable package based on your purpose.

        +$2,490 Stems

        "It still lacks of something..."
        "If I can only revise some tracks from here..."

        The songs with Stem label, you can add an extra fee: NT$ 2,490 to get five stems. It allows you to make adjustments on the music as you like.

        +$3,000 Custom Service

        "It is so complicated, I need a help!"
        "There are too many songs, I don't know how to make a choice!"

        It is an art to select appropriate music. We have experts here to help you! Send your script to us, and we will help you select the most appropriate songs rapidly.。


      Choose the Right Range of Use

      Your purchase is based on your purpose. To ensure your rights, you must select the correct range of what you really need.

      1 license only for 1 project

      If you only buy one license, the only one project you can add in, such as in an advertisement or in a movie. Although there is no restriction on time and location, it only allows you to use in your appointed project.

      Authorization Can NOT be Sharing or Selling

      After downloading, you may only use it on your own project. No Reselling, no Remaking, no Sharing and so on...

      Limited Editing

      If you purchase stems, you may make adjustments from original music, but do not reproduce it into a new piece. Also, the edited version is under the regulation of agreement.