License Agreement

Hi! AddMusic is a platform that facilitates payment for authorized use of copyrighted music. To protect associated intellectual property rights, to provide a safe usage environment, and to ensure the safety of both trading parties, we have listed the details for the various rights and usage authorizations. When you download music from our website, you are deemed to agree with the terms of this contract. So should it not meet your needs, please postpone your download until everything is sorted it out. If you require a special authorization license, please email us at and tell us what you need!



The party who pays the royalty and acquires authorization based on the contract; also known as the authorized party.


The party who receives the royalty and provides authorizes based on the contract; also known as the copyright owner.


This contract is applicable to all music pieces sold on the AddMusic platform, and to their relevant authorizations.

Terms of Authorization

  • The music products on this website are "non-exclusive". Every recording and sub-track is the property of its seller, who has the rights to re-sell, authorize, remake, sell it outright, and so on. Sellers are not restricted by buyers.
  • Authorization provide to the buyer can only be used once, within the authorization’s range of use. Although the authorization does not have regional or expiry considerations, the buyer must be careful to stay within the range and type of authorization.
  • A single authorization is restricted to the specified project and authorized party. The buyer must not copy, share, re-sell or use the music product in any other way.
  • Once a seller has authorized a buyer access the music sub-track files at extra expense, the buyer can make adjustments to the song, but not to the extent that the song can be regarded as a new piece of music. The buyer may only use the resulting music within the original scope of authorization, and must seek approval from the seller before using the music for other applications.

Payment Method

Both buyers and sellers agree to follow AddMusic’s authorization procedure and handle payment transactions using its monetary system. Both also agree to pay service fees to AddMusic, who shall directly withdraw such from the authorization fees that it collects.

Contract Termination

  • The seller must ensure the quality and legality of the music that it offers. Should there be inaccuracies, errors or infringements of rights, the buyer has the right to terminate authorization and stop using the music product. If infringement or other illegal conducts are involved, the buyer has the right to demand for compensation for damage caused.
  • The buyer agrees to the above terms of use. If it should conduct any of the actions below, the seller has the right to suspend or terminate its authorization and demand compensation for damage caused:
    • Violate relevant intellectual property laws and regulations in Taiwan (R.O.C.) or in the buyer’s country of residence.
    • Use the platform or music products for illegal activities, such as infringement of intellectual property rights, selling pirated software, pornography, drugs, etc.
    • Not following the terms specified herein, or not meeting obligations.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • This contract is based on the laws of Taiwan, Republic of China.
  • Should any dispute occur over this contract and results in litigation, the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be used as the court of first instance.