How to Get Licenses?

        Find the Songs

        We tag our music by genre, instrument, mood, vocal, tempo, length and language categories. Only one tag can be chosen per category. If you want to change your chosen tag, please click on the clear button on the top right corner of the tag category. You can narrow down your search through choosing more tags! You can also listen to demo music clips here and store or share songs that you like, creating a background music database of your own!

        Demo Download

        To simplify your work process, you can download demo music files for proposal and testing use. Please just note that the downloaded files contain audio watermarks and are not legally authorized for actual use!

        Choosing Authorization

        AddMusic has established different authorization packages to cater to your various purposes and scopes of use. You can choose the right authorization fee based on the how your project will be used (e.g. as a movie, advertisement, application, or for personal use) and where it will be used (e.g. on an internet platform, on any media, in a publication, etc.). Please note that every purchase provides only a one time authorization. If you wish to use the same music in another project, you’d have to make a separate purchase for its authorization. Please refer to Authorization Instructions for details on authorization scopes and regulations.

        Stem Add-on Function

        If you are thinking about editing or reproducing the music, you can purchase the Stem add-on function to acquire the original file for the song. This would give you authorization to remake that song, allowing you to adjust and fix the music to make it fit your work better. If you purchased a song and later realized a need for editing, you can additionally purchase the Editing option from your Purchase History! However, to protect the author’s rights , please note that sub-tracks are not to be used independently as part of other compositions in either its original or edited form. Please refer to Authorization Instructions for details on Stem use.

        Acquiring Authorization

        Once you have confirmed the scope and intended purpose of authorization and the pricing, you can make your purchase through our online payment system. Please note that during the payment process, a certificate of authorization for each piece of music purchased will be generated automatically. Before you pay, please ensure that you correctly fill in the name of project for which the music will be used, and that of the authorized party!

        Purchase Management

        You can manage your account, create your personal library, and check your purchase history in Personal Profile. We have listed the songs you purchased, their corresponding projects, and the prices you paid in your Purchase History. Here you can re-download your certificates of authorization and music files, choose to purchase Stem, or re-purchase usage authorizations for your other projects.