Seller Terms of Agreement

Hi, we are AddMusic! We trust that you now understand how to become a seller, and the benefits that provides. Now we would like to tell you more about our trading relationship, including rights and responsibilities, to better convenience our future partnership.

AddMusic is a service established and provided by AddMusic Co., Ltd. It provides a platform through which vendors and purchasers may trade in music usage authorizations. Upon using a seller service, all artists who applied to become sellers are regarded as having read, understood and agreed to all contents of the following terms of agreement:


  • AddMusic provides an online trading platform and associated services, letting sellers post their music products online. It assists sellers in authorizing buyers, selling them the rights to re-produce and publically play, transmit or broadcast the music in their advertisement, short film, movie, software, and other productions.
  • All music posted on AddMusic, including but not limited to lyrics, tunes and recordings, are independently uploaded and provided by the sellers. Sellers must guarantee that their music uploads conform to AddMusic’s standards, rules and regulations, and AddMusic does not state nor imply any guarantees or promises in regard to the music’s quality, safety, and legality.
  • To ensure the quality of music on its website, AddMusic may evaluate music products that sellers upload. And if a product is of ill quality or is incorrectly described, AddMusic reserves the rights to reject its posting application or remove the products from its site.

Scope of Authorization

  • The seller agrees to sell music using AddMusic specified methods, terms and authorization categories. Unless otherwise arranged, all copyrights to any music posted still belong to its seller.
  • When a seller uploads a piece of music and its relevant information to AddMusic, he shall be regarded as having agreed to authorize AddMusic to use, store and publish such data for searching and browsing by particular or general users, and to transfer such rights to any third party.
  • AddMusic has the right to use posted music products for marketing or promotional activities. The scope of such use includes but is not limited to playing the music in public, in emails, or in other websites (such as social media sites). AddMusic shall not be required to pay for such use.
  • When a seller authorizes a buyer to acquire a music Stem file at extra expense, the buyer may use it to edit the original song—just not to the extent such that the song can be regarded as a new piece of music. Use of the derived music must also conform to the original scope of authorization for the original music. Should further application needs arise, the seller’s agreement would still be required.
  • When a seller uploads a music file, the seller is deemed to have agreed to having its music purchased and authorized. When a buyer completes a transaction using the trading process established by AddMusic, the AddMusic platform will automatically send the music file and its Certificate of Authorization to the buyer. The seller shall be notified by email, and be regarded as having agreed to the authorization procedure.


  • The seller agrees to using AddMusic’s cash-flow and authorization services, to having AddMusic collect authorization payments whenever the seller’s music gets sold, to paying service fees to AddMusic, and to having AddMusic deduct its service fees from authorization payments it collects on the seller’s behalf.
  • The seller agrees to following AddMusic’s fund application procedures for authorization payment transfers, and to and submitting relevant receipts, invoices and any required information.
  • AddMusic reserves the right to establish short term or special pricing to work with special cases or sales campaigns, and to add, modify or make changes to payment items and fees structures at any time. Notifications for these shall be given by email, be published on its website, or be made through other means.

Guarantees and Responsibilities

  • When a seller uploads, transfers, or provides item data or other relevant information to AddMusic, he (or she) must guarantee that he has the rights to authorize the music product. Illegal conducts or infringements are prohibited.
  • When an artist uploads music, he must guarantee the music file’s correctness and quality, suitably describe the music, provide relevant information about the music, and set reasonable search terms. False, inaccurate, fraudulent or misleading information are prohibited.
  • Files uploaded by artists must not include any viruses, codes, documents or programs that are disruptive or damaging.
  • Throughout any transaction process, an artist may not conduct inappropriate competitive practices and may not jeopardize or interfere the website’s normal operations.

Suspensions and Terminations

  • If any music uploaded by a seller is reported as copyright infringement or gets involved in a copyright dispute, AddMusic reserves the right to have the seller provide explanations regarding the surrounding disputes and uncertainties. AddMusic may also take other actions, including removing the music from its site without notice and not paying associated authorization fees until disputes have been resolved.
  • If any music provided by a seller has problems with its legality, freeness from defect, or correctness, leading to refunds or trading disputes, AddMusic shall not refund the seller any service fees. The seller would, instead, have to compensate the buyer with the service fee for that transaction. If other damages were to result, AddMusic may still demand that the seller takes on compensation responsibilities.

Limitations to Liability

Authorizations and transactions done via AddMusic are conducted by the platform’s automated systems. Buyers and sellers undergo authorization processes on their own and AddMusic does not promise or guarantee, either in an implied manner or explicitly, anything regarding the buyer or seller’s intention and ability in performing the transaction, nor regarding the music product or service’s quality, safety and legality.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

  • This Vendor Agreement, its relevant terms of use, measures, guiding principles, policies, relevant services and explanations, are based upon the laws of Taiwan (Republic of China).
  • Should a dispute between a vendor/seller and AddMusic, with respect to its service, Vendor Agreement, relevant terms of use, measures, guiding principles, policies, services or explanations, lead to litigation, the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be used as the court of first instance.