Who We Are

If you have great workpiece, like an advertisement, movie, short film, or app, you can use the easy search engine on AddMusic to quickly find the most appropriate tune for it. We will help you acquire the legal authorization that suits you, making your workpiece even more attractive!

If you have a lot of good music, we would very much welcome you to become our partners at AddMusic. Through authorization assistance and music evaluation, we are here to protect the copyrights of your work and the rewards that you deserve, and to match more wonderful music to more creations!

AddMusic is a bridge between artists, a place where they can communicate, exchange, and give each other support. We help artists and creative groups authorize use of their work in simple and economical ways, and help businesses support outstanding artists through their purchases of such authorizations. This is a mutually beneficial process that enables both parties to give each other their most substantial encouragement.