Who Needs AddMusic?

      Personal use

      Any video that shown publically or online needs to use licensed music! Whether you are a wedding video company or a personal video creator, by acquiring legal music through AddMusic, you can upload your video to any platform with no fear of committing copyright violations.


      A catchy tune will make your brand more charming! Be your business a production company, advertising agency, marketing firm, or a company/enterprise of any field or scale needing whatever type of advertising or promotional video, you can quickly search for music and choose the authorization that fits your needs. AddMusic is that easy to use!

      Independent production

      We know filmmaking is hard work, so AddMusic hopes to make your post-production a smoother process. Whether you are in the film industry, are a wedding video producer, film editor or short film producer, you can find the license that suits your requirements most. Have no worries about re-authorization for exhibitions, publishing or screening events. Sell your video to the world with no fear of potential issues!

      Digital application

      The mobile game, online game, app, or other digital application you worked so hard to make needs music to make it more complete. AddMusic stocks songs of various genres and different moods, and provides different authorization options, enabling you to quickly and economically complete your masterpiece!