Private Message

AddMusic provides text function for artists to exchange private messages, communicate, discuss, and share experiences. Please observe the following terms when using the Private Message function. In case of violation, AddMusic preserves the rights to suspend or terminate the violator’s rights of using this service.

Regulations for the Use

• Private trading may lead to authorization disputes and subsequent legal problems, as well as violation of the fairness of the platform. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to suggest private trading, or exchange phone numbers, shop addresses, email, or communication App by the Private Message.

• Sending emotional or offensive words to any individual is strictly prohibited. All abusive languages or those involving personal assault, infringing privacy, making innuendo or disseminating rumors on purpose, damaging interests of the users, the authors, or AddMusic, will be regarded as serious offense against the regulations.

• It is not allowed to make commercial advertisements, private trading, or bargaining by private messages on AddMusic.

• Do not make irrelevant speech. The contents of speech must conform to ROC’s laws and regulations. Speeches against the laws of the nation are not allowed to post. It is strictly prohibited to make any link with pornographic or criminal information. Users of Private Message bear full civil or criminal liability for their own indiscretions that directly or indirectly violate the laws.

Suspension and Termination

• According to the regulations, AddMusic has the rights to oversee partial or all of the private messages posted. AddMusic bears no responsibility for the members’ deeds, and can not guarantee the reliability and validity of the private messages posted.

• For violators against the abovementioned regulations, AddMusic preserves the rights to delete their private messages without notification, or to manage by suspending their accounts, and/or taking down their music pieces from the shelves.

Liability Limitations

• AddMusic provides services according to the system’s conditions at the moment and do not guarantee with responsibility in any forms or contents that the specific needs or requirements of the users be met, including but not limited to the following: speed, security, reliability, comprehensiveness, correctness of the Internet, and do not assure stability of the Internet connection without any pause or errors.

• AddMusic bears no responsibility to protect the information input by using the Private Message function. Any damages resulted would be on the member’s own account.

• The terms of regulations are subject to changes. Members have the responsibility to review the regulation terms at reasonable intervals.

AddMusic preserves the rights to change policy for the use of Private Message. The amendments take effects since their announcement on the website.