Trading Rules

Range of Products

The music products on AddMusic ranges as below:

Music pieces or recordings provided by the owner of their intellectual properties rights (including but not limited to rights for possession, reproduction, or public dissemination) which have not been exclusively authorized to others, or music pieces or recordings provided by legally authorized party with printed certificate or other effective documents.

Verification of Legally Effective Authorization

• The user of music products should choose an appropriate authorization, specify the authorized party and corresponding project, so that the system can generate certificate of authorization correctly.

• The information of the type of authorization, the authorized party, corresponding project will be provided to the artist (IRP owner) to follow up the subsequent use of the product.

• Users of the music products have to complete the payment according to the bid money and other contracted transaction terms, and apply the products within the range of authorization. AddMusic preserves the rights to provide related documents to the author (IPR owner) and related collective management organizations to conduct investigation in case any violation or infringement of IPR is noted.

Ban Against Private Trading

Private trading means the two parties of transaction contact each other through the platform of AddMusic, but conduct trading by other means not related to AddMusic.

Private trading tends to raise disputes for lacking of trading records to trace, ill-defined authorization range, and security issues of IPR management. For the interests of both the sellers and the buyers, we suggest no private trading be conducted. In case of violation, the page and account of the seller will be deleted, and the rights of the buyer in AddMusic will be suspended.

The following conditions are regarded as private trading related:

• Any contact information posted on the pages of AddMusic, including but not limited to address, phone number, email, communication App, etc., which guides trading by means other than AddMusic.

• Any link placed on the pages of AddMusic or its bar of website that directs the users to other transaction related websites, titles, IPs, etc.

• Other conducts on AddMusic that may guide the users to purchase the music by means other than the platform of AddMusic.

Contents of the policy are subject to change by AddMusic. The amendments take effects since their announcement on the website of AddMusic.