How to Authorize Music

        Author Profile

        First, register or login to your AddMusic account and select "Become an Author". Once you become a seller, you will have your own open profile where you can briefly talk about how you’re special, do some advertising, and help everyone know you more!  After, you can make updates anytime from Artist Information.

        Complete Information

        Next you need to fill out your personal information, correctly and completely. This step is very important, as the information you provide will be the basis upon which you grant authorization for your music when you sell it in the future. To avoid authorization problems in the future, therefore, we recommend that all music in any single account belong to the same copyright owner.

        Shelving Music

        So that AddMusic can better help you safely and legally sell your music, first make sure you own all the copyrights to your music. They must not be owned by any management company, record company or corporation, nor be subject to copyright disputes when multiple authors are involved. You may upload your music by following the instructions in "Upload Guidelines"; after that the music must be evaluated by AddMusic for categorization and file accuracy. Once verified, the music will go online, you will receive our email notification, and you can check its status at “My Store”, where you’ll see your music’s status lit with a green light! But if you did not follow our uploading guidelines, or if you music is not suitable for commercial use, AddMusic still can deny your posting application.

        Music Evaluation

        If your music is shown with a red light, you will receive our email specifying the reason for rejection. You may modify your content, reply to the email, and resubmit your application accordingly. Feel free to read "Upload Guidelines" again to understand our regulations and to ensure that your evaluation would go smoothly. Of course, if you have any questions, you are welcome to write us any time!


        Now your music can be purchased.

        Now people can purchase your music! AddMusic employs “Permanent, Single Project” authorizations, so whenever you sell your music, you give buyer the right to use it just one time (for one project). Although this usage right is not bound by space or time, it can neither be transferred to others nor be repeatedly used. You still retain all the rights to your music, so your music upload may authorize an unlimited number of times!

        AddMusic uses “purpose-based authorization” to calculate the base price. This pricing scheme sets up many types of authorizations. Each buyer will choose an authorization method that corresponds to their needs, which we shall provide at an appropriate price. Please see Pricing Instructions for more details.


        To sell your songs better, you may go to "My Store" and select advertisements for your posted music. You may select from two kinds: “Highlight” and “Top”.


        Congratulations on successfully selling your music! You can go to "My Store" to see the number of times your music has been purchased. We will authorize your music using the personal information you provide and collect funds on your behalf. As a mediating platform, AddMusic collects 30% of sale price as our service fee. Our services include online product management, sales and marketing, online authorization, invoicing, matchmaking, and so on. And there are other fee including 5% tax and 5% transaction fee. Your income from selling music, after the deduction of service fees, will be displayed on your Account Management page.

        Applying for Cash-out

        Once your income reaches the minimum payout amount of $5,000 NT, you can use the Cash-Out function to submit your personal data and account information. We will transfer the requested amount to your designated account as soon as possible.

        Copyright Protection

        Lastly, feel free to come again to understand what copyright is and interview us regarding our terms of authorization. Understand the protective measures that we provide for your music, and AddMusic shall be the best partner you have.