About Membership

Click on the “Sign In” on the top right corner of the website. Fill in your email address and password. You may also choose to use your social account (Facebook, Google, or Weibo) to login directly. A verification email will be sent to you. After verification, you become a member of Add Music. For those who login through a social account, the email address has to be reconfirmed so that the verification email can be sent.

Each way of singing up into Add Music is discrete in the system. We can not help you combine several accounts, or change the way you login. This means you have to login Add Music in the same way after you signing up for it.

After signing in, you may start to browse the site or explore the music. Once you decide to download the demo, you have to provide comprehensive personal information as you purchase the music. Then information will be stored as a part of the purchase procedure for accounting and billing purpose, and will not be open to the public.

If you choose to pay by a credit card, the transaction will be done by the third party, which must be an internationally certified secure online cash flow system. In that case, Add Music will not acquire or store your credit card information.

 After login, click on the “Personal Details” on the top right corner of the website, and you may edit your member details from the first entry of the drop down menu.

All your personal details are confidential. The only thing that may appear on the website is your “appellation,” which will be used with your message within the website. 

Click on the “Sign In” on the top right corner of the website, and you will find a box “Forget password.” Click on it and the system will send a new password to your email address. Use the new password to login, and then revise your password by editing your personal details.