About Selling

We welcome all music artists with self-managed copyrights to become partners with Add Music. Upload your works, if there is no problem with the ownership of the copyrights. This does not mean authorizing your works to Add Music. You still own the copyrights, while fully aware of how your works sell and the income it brings. Here, Add Music serves as a platform assisting you authorize your music more rapidly and easily to the users in need.

Yes! Currently Add Music accepts music of all styles, but mainly complete songs. We do not sell uncomposed audio materials. The songs should be in a length no less than 30 seconds and no more than 10 minutes, uploaded in the WAV format. There is an evaluation mechanism to ensure the overall quality of the platform. It is recommended that the songs be well-mixed with post-production to ensure good quality of the music. If your music lacks in clarity or quality, Add Music reserves the rights to reject your shelving application.

For your work better searched by the buyers, first you must provide a cover picture, have a name for the song, and designate appropriate labels including style, instrument, mood, vocals, tempo, region or language. It is optional to give additional description about the music. For more details, please refer to How to Sell ->Upload guidelines

The authorization is generated by the platform system automatically. For protection of both the buyers and the authors not to have their rights infringed due to the discrepancy of the authorized music pieces before and after the revision, the files can not be further edited after being uploaded. Please confirm the file carefully before uploading. In case of any error, please inform us by email: info@addcreative.biz

Due to strong demands of customers wishing to make partial adjustment to the music, we encourage artists to provide appropriate stems reproduce or edit, shaping the music based on their needs.  

For the convenience of buyers, we recommend you to combine stems of the same orchestration, give them correct names (eg. 1. vocals, 2. major instruments; 3. secondary instruments; 4. bass and low-pitched instruments; 5. drums and percussion), and compress each sub-track into a zip file before uploading. Please export your sub-tracks from the very beginning of the song so that all files are of the same length as the original song. Finally, please include any effects added in post-production.

Once your income amount reaches the NT$ 5,000 minimum threshold, you can use the cash-out application function by submitting your personal information and account information.  we charges regardless of fund transfer method as transfer fee. We will transfer the requested amount to your designated account as soon as possible.

For the safe and tax declare, please provide you ID or passport. According to the provisions of the tax law , we will charge 8% as the tax needed.

The songs on the platform are arranged in a chronological order according to their time of uploading. If you want to increase exposure of specific songs or alter the order of arrangement, you may go to "My Market" and select the music products on shelf for advertisement. You can select either "More Exposure" or "Stickying." "More Exposure" increases the number of appearance, which gives a song more chances to stand higher in the list of similar songs, while the "Stickying" function makes a song stand on the top, not only in your personal page, but in the list of all songs.

When an song is sold, the total amount paid by the customer first goes into Addmusic's corporate account. Author will receives 60% of sale price, and 5% as tax, 5% transaction fee, the other 30% as seller and buyer fees.Our services include shelf management, marketing and promotion, online authorization, invoicing, music-project matchmaking etc. You can check sales statements in each seller’s Dashboard.