About the copyrights

The songs on Add Music are all with copyrights held or managed by the artists themselves. For songs handled by the publishers or agencies, whether they can be uploaded onto Add Music require further reviewing of the contract. To avoid dispute, we recommend you consult and communicate with the agencies and stakeholders before uploading those songs.


Don’t worry. Even if the stem were purchased, the rights of using these tracks are still confined to the entitled subject and corresponding project. This means even if the buyer makes great changes of the music, the end product is still subject to the restriction of its authorization terms if there is any part of the stem sold from Add Music involved. Therefore, any songs sold with their stem, no matter how much the songs are edited, will not have the problem of adaptation rights. 

For any music sold, Add Music will assist the artist issue an automatically generated authorization as a certificate for legal use of the song. The artist may acquire the information about the buyer, the corresponding project, and range of use from his/her account management page as a reference for tracking the copyrights. In case of any piracy noted, the author may send a letter asking for verification, taking down the products from the shelves, or reimbursements according to the regulation terms of the website.